For the majority of my adult life, my world has been a complete rollercoaster. There have been times where I was filled with butterflies, and other times that have been utterly nauseating. I’ve closed my eyes and thrown my arms up in the air giving up all control, and other times I’ve held on for dear life. There have been ups and downs, and many, many twists & turns, but one thing has been for certain – it’s never been boring and I plan to keep it that way.

Because of this, I’ve been asked to share my stories & although I’ve struggled with consistency in the past & how I wanted to come across to my readers, I decided to once again give it a go. Suz on the Beach isn’t just my source for creative release, I hope that you take in my insights & experiences and gain something from them.

These are my journeys, my tips & my tricks, my inspirations & my stories for your entertainment. From travel diaries, to Miami neighborhood guides from a local’s point of view, here’s a little glimpse into my ever-evolving world.



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