It’s not even December & the art event invites are already trickling in. I got the chance to attend the VIP preview of XYZT: Abstract Landscapes presented by ARTECHOUSE last night & it got me so excited for what’s to come! A little background on XYZT – It’s described as an immersive virtual playground made up of four dimensions: X (horizontal), Y (vertical), Z (depth), & T (time). Basically, it’s a trippy fun house for adults & I’m all about it.

Abstract Landscapes is a world-traveled installation by internationally acclaimed French contemporary digital artists & multimedia choreographers Adrien M & Claire B offering a physical experience through ten digital landscapes. They previously did a similar installation in DC & now they’ve brought it to Miami because, #Basel.

As you walk through what used to be a three-story GUESS store on Collins, you’re hit with sensory overload. Exposing you to art, technology, science & creativity, the interactive exhibition allows you to walk on floors that react to your footsteps, manipulate light particles within a giant digital cube or blow into glass boxes & witness virtual letters assemble & disassemble like magic.

Last night was just a preview, but similar to the Museum of Ice Cream they only allow about 15 people in at a time so that you can fully experience all of the areas without having tons of people around you trying to get their own selfie. It was so organized & so fun. The pop-up exhibit will be open to the public December 8th through the end of January at 736 Collins Avenue, so get your tickets here! I highly recommend it.


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