hood highlights: south beach

South Beach has been my home for two years now so I wanted to start off my Suz on the Beach Hood Highlights Series with a little spotlight on SoBe. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all just glamorous hotels & nightclubs. Beyond the obvious are so many hidden gems most people don’t know about. So here you have it, my favorite neighborhood spots.

I live right off Lincoln Road, which is considered the heart of South Beach so I’m pretty much surrounded by anything & everything I could want. Although it’s a tourist hot spot, there are some places I just can’t get enough of. Chotto Matte is on the top of that list. Tucked away behind the 1111 garage there are two palms & a big white door. This is where you need to be. The food is absolutely incredible & the restaurant itself is definitely insta-worthy. This is the restaurant’s second location – the original is in London. Chotto has the best poké bowl I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Another favorite of mine is The Café at Books & Books. Not what you’d expect from a bookstore. The food here is always fresh & always consistent. Pro tip: Ask for the California Wrap (turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, onion). It’s hands down the best thing not on the menu.

I usually stroll down Lincoln, grab a fresh juice from my favorite little lady at Christian’s Juices (located on Euclid & Lincoln), then I buy some fruit & head over to the Sagamore where chair rentals are only $13! Cheapest price on the beach FYI. I spend all freaking day out there if the weather is nice so I usually end up ordering lunch as well. Pro Tip: The Sagamore has the best shrimp tacos on the planet. It’s my go-to order & now it can be yours too. You’re welcome.

A few blocks south is another walkable street known as Española Way with even more restaurants to choose from. You’ll find everything from Italian, Cuban, Mexican, Spanish, & even French eateries worth trying. One of my favorite spots is A La Folie Cafe. Perfect for a quiet Sunday breakfast, or a Saturday night date, A La Folie’s got hot Parisian waiters, delicious crepes, freshly baked croissants & French tunes playing in the background. Trust me, it’s the real deal! There’s outdoor seating for great people watching, cozy indoor seating, and at night they open up the back patio with bistro lights. It’s a must!

There are so many amazing little places in SoBe so I’ll be highlighting some more on the blog later, but these are the basics. Stay tuned for more!




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