hood highlights: little river

In recent years, I’ve come to realize I’m pretty much an anti-social butterfly. The places everyone wants to be seen at isn’t usually my cup of tea anymore. I prefer places off the beaten path. In this hood highlight, I’m showing some love to the Little River neighborhood. Just north of Wynwood, the Design District, & Little Haiti, it’s an area not on many people’s radar, but it actually has a lot to offer. Quiet, colorful & filled with gems, read more to learn why I love it.

One of my favorite new spots here is Vista in the Upper Buena Vista Village. It’s great for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks. The service is outstanding. They have days & nights where they offer live music, there’s a covered patio, delicious food & drinks, & it’s surrounded by a bunch of cute shops. Vista has it all, & they’re opening up a rooftop space soon too so you know I’ll be going back.

Just down the road is Mandolin Aegean Bistro. The minute you spot it from the street you immediately feel Greece vibes & the experience is only heightened once inside. We got a cozy table inside surrounded by plush pillows, but the outside patio seemed fun and it was covered which is always a plus. The food was absolutely delicious & so authentic. I highly recommend it.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery & in my opinion, the original Upper Buena Vista Village was Miami Ironside. Also in the upper east side of Miami, this hidden area off NE 4th Court features a small art gallery, a consignment shop, flower shop, café, & Ironside Pizza. The last time I visited it seemed like it was lacking tenants, but it’s definitely worth a stop for some delicious pizza that’s also BYOB. Need I say more?

One place that’s truly unique & one of my new faves in all of Miami is Imperial Moto. It’s a moto-inspired café so think gorgeous motorcycles, gorgeous motorcycle-driving men, Panther coffee & Bousa beer. Exactly. #Protip: Purchase a pin & you get a free beer! It’s a great place to stop in, have a coffee & get some work done or just have some coffee & admire the eye-candy. They also have their own apparel line & I’m a fan. This place really makes you want to jump on the back of a motorcycle with a stranger and ride off into the sunset – again. (That’s another story for another time)

One hidden gem that’s been around for decades & has managed to remain a two-acre oasis in the middle of a Little River residential neighborhood is Earth & Us Farm. An “urban eco-village” that offers community-based activities like full moon drum circles, vegetarian culinary offerings, and so much more. When I visited the farm years ago, they even said you could pay to stay a night in their treehouse! It’s super cool & if you’re a local or visiting, you should definitely check it out.


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