back in brooklyn.

A little-known fact about me. I used to be obsessed with NYC. I’m talking, uhb-ssessed. I would visit twice a year. I toured colleges & even went apartment hunting. I was convinced I didn’t need a driver’s license FOR YEARS because I was just going to move to NYC and nobody drives there anyway.

Long story short, NYC never happened for me. Later in life, I ended up moving to Chicago and my love for the big apple dwindled. It was like I was introduced to a better (smaller, cleaner, nicer) version of the big city & I never looked back. Until this summer when I decided I needed a getaway.

I flew up & visited my friend Steven, a former Miami-an who like me, also has a love-hate with this city. Believe it or not, I couldn’t actually remember ever hanging out in Brooklyn during my trips to NYC, so I was pumped to be spending most of my time there this trip.

Brooklyn is poppin & it probably has been for years, but this was all new to me. I can see how locals barely cross over to the other boroughs. For what? I stayed in Bushwick, which was giving me major Wynwood vibes. A rarity, cause not many other cities I’ve visited can really compare. The art districts in Chicago, LA, etc. are all weak compared to Wynwood, so I’ll give Miami that.

Anyway, Williamsburg was also dope. I made a stop in Gramercy Park, which was cool – although it was not cool that I didn’t have access to the actual park. Rude. The DUMBO neighborhood was incredible, but a tourist spot for sure. So picturesque. I could literally sit on the grassy patch underneath the Manhattan Bridge for hours and just stare at the sights for hours. Instead, I walked around the riverwalk and had a lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster, which was also not a bad idea.

Some of my faves this trip included:

Father Knows Best. Literally, had breakfast there 3 days in a row. This place is open from 8am to 2am on most days & I would probably order the egg sandwich (chorizo, egg & cheddar omelet, avo-tomatillo sauce, pickled jalapeno, mixed greens) AT ANY FUCKING HOUR. It’s all I need in my life. They serve more than just breakfast, but who cares? Breakfast is the best. Also, the drinks. The drinks are bomb.

Broken Shaker at the Freehand. One of my fave bars of all time Miami for years just opened up a sister bar in the city. So obvi, I was gonna check it out. There are now 4 locations (Miami, Chicago, LA & now NYC). This one is ON A ROOFTOP with sweeping views of the city, so naturally, this is now my favorite location. If you don’t know, now you know.

Artists & Fleas. So glad I ventured out to Williamsburg for this. I’m a big fan of local artisans & vintage shops so this was a must for me. I walked out with some of the coolest earrings I’ve ever owned & a few prints by a local photographer. Also, Lady Gaga was shopping there like the week after I was so there’s that.



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