never grow up.

Hi, My name is Suzie & I suffer from FOMO.

This week in Miami is what I’ve always considered “my second favorite week of the year”. Obvi, nothing beats Art Basel in this city, but Miami Music Week / Winter Music Conference / Ultra Weekend or whatever you want to call it was/will always be my second favorite time of the year.

Back in the day, I’d legit get the week off with the sole intention of heading to the beach & hitting up the pool parties with my friends for what seemed like days on end. The memories might be a tad blurry, but they were great times.

If you know me, you know that I’ve always loved a good pool party. Today, I actually live on the beach and won’t be attending any daytime festivities because of something called adulting. *eye roll*

Butttt, because I’m not ready to hang up my bikini and grow up just yet, I decided to sporadically get tickets to a party this weekend. Because, why not?! FYI, this is just how my brain works. Once I’m set on something, there’s no turning back!

I started digging through old photos circa 2011 and remembered all of the insane fun times I had shaking my ass and splashing around without a worry in the world. As soon as I knew you it, my EDM playlist was on shuffle mode. Then, during my lunch hour I bought a bathing suit. Did I need another swimsuit? That’s debatable, but there was no stopping me! I came home & made it official. The golden ticket was purchased. Maybe not golden per say, but def VIP.

I’ll catch you up on shennanigan deets next week, but before I eat salads for every meal and do squats for the next 48 hours, I leave you with these gems from a previous life. Never grow up kids. xo

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