aura readings & spa nights

I’m a big believer in energies. I love everything about tarot & palm readings, and I’ve had some pretty accurate (and scary) readings in my lifetime, so when a friend of mine said she wanted to get her aura read at our fave local hotel, I jumped on it. What can I say? Weird things intrigue me. How does someone even read your aura? I wanted to find out.  So a group of us met up at The Standard for a lunch & spa night where Carrie Moss of MoodbyMoss was offering aura photo sessions in her magical traveling mood yurt.

My reading was so interesting. I wanted to stay in that yurt forever just talking to her. Based off the colors that showed up on my photo, she was able to perfectly describe my personality and energy – which was borderline insane. The accuracy was out of this world. I had a huge orange “fro” around me in the picture, with a tiny bit of yellow/gold, a decent amount of green, a tiny bit of pink/peach, & a weird grey spot that I thought was going to mean death or something tragic. Here’s a breakdown of my reading:

ORANGE: I live in the now & I’m a risk taker. I’m not one to test the water. Instead, I jump right in. I’m enthusiastic, joyful, creative, fun-loving, original, independent & good with people.

YELLOW/GOLD: Good vibes.

GREEN: I’m growing, have will-power & determination. I’m goal oriented, have a gentle strength & altruistic ideas.

PINK/PEACH: I have a good heart and I’m sensitive and loving.

GREY: I’m holding on to something from the past.

Like, whaaaaattttt?! How do you know my life?! SO. ON. POINT.

Carrie travels the country with her yurt & is planning on coming back to Miami so make sure you follow her to find out where she’ll be next!

After we had our minds blown in the magical yurt, we grabbed lunch on the Lido deck & then spent hours at the spa forgetting about the real world cause there is no better way to spend the last day of the weekend than at the spa. #ProTip: Bring your own masks & scrubs with you so you can do your own treatments fo free. You’re welcome.




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