basel hangover.

My favorite week of the year is over, and I’m still a little hung over. Not the “I need a blue Gatorade” kinda hangover, but none-the-less, I’m dead. Last week, Miami was transformed into a magical, colorful, creative, inspiring wonderland that brought together some of the most talented artists from around the world. It wasn’t just about the art though, so many parties, concerts and events are curated around Miami Art Week & they all draw in some of the coolest of people too. One of my favorite parts about this incredible week in December is seeing and meeting effortlessly cool and stylish people from all over world who come to my city for an unforgettable time.

This year I kicked off the week at the Art Miami VIP preview on Tuesday night with my friend Jess. (Shoutout to my bosses & our amazing #PRperks). I loved the variety of work this fair features every year & the new location at Herald Plaza made for a pretty sweet setting. Art Miami is so freaking big that I actually went back another night just to get through it all. The pass also included entrance to Context which was right next door so let’s just say I covered a lot of ground. Did I mention I also had an Alec Monopoly sighting (sans face mask)?! It was a thrilling start to my week.

Thursday night was Sarah Bahbah‘s solo exhibition at the W Brickell. If you’ve never heard of Sarah, get with it. She’s a badass LA-based photographer mostly known for being “explicitly transparent in exploring the internal voices of young females” & I’m all about it. Her series ‘Sex and Takeout’ is also super famous & chances are you’ve seen her work floating around the internet. I know I’ve used them as an Insta post once or twice. I was super pumped to even be in the same room as Sarah after following her work on for so long. I still can’t believe I was in the bathroom with her & didn’t even notice! Ugh.

Friday night I headed back to Art Miami with my friend Michelle & also hit up Context & Spectrum before making a quick stop in Wynwood which was..interesting to say the least. Never a dull moment in this city, I swear. I took a much-needed break on Saturday which consisted of a hair appointment, pizza and lots of Netflix. On Sunday I ended the week with a real bang at my favorite satellite fair, SCOPE.

There’s only one way to describe SCOPE…it’s fucking dope. Truly my favorite of all the satellite fairs. This one has the coolest pieces. Every year I get introduced to a new favorite artist. This year I even got to meet my favorite from last year! It was a hilariously great moment. We talked, we laughed, we hugged. I may or may not have fallen in love. I highly recommend checking out Alberto Sanchez. He’s a super cool Spanish photographer that uses line & color to transform black and white images into colorful works of art. WANT! This year I was also introduced to  Ava Grey who uses bits of skateboards to create insane sculptures. So cool. I also loved Ian Berry who makes crazy ass canvases out of denim. DENIM, people! Out of control. Also, Amare Stoudemire said hi to me, so there’s that.

Before the sun set the last day of Basel I had to get just one more thing out of my system. The installations at the Faena were AHMAZE. Absolutely genius. My pics don’t even do them justice, but I’ll share them with you anyway, obvi. Below are my absolute faves from last week. Till next year, Basel!






grenade cu.jpg




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