full circle.

Just one year ago I visited Chicago for the first time with one of my best friends, and it was on that trip that my heart was forever changed. To be honest, my first day in the city was a complete disaster.

My friend mixed up her flight information leaving me wandering the downtown area near our hotel by myself. I spent a lot of time in the hotel room that day because quite honestly, this concrete jungle was overwhelming and a bit sketch.

That night, she finally arrived  without her luggage. We decided we’d make the best of it by heading to Navy Pier for some touristy fun. Unfortunately, before the fun could even begin, Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade – literally. We were left soaking wet from head to toe on the pier with nowhere to hide from the rain. At this point we should have just jumped into Lake Michigan and called it a night cause nothing good was going to come out of this trip, but I was wrong. After buying an entirely new wardrobe at the gift shop, we waited for the torrential downpour to end and left Navy Pier decked out in tacky “I ❤ Chicago” shorts, shirts and sandals, although that statement was very far from true at the moment.

The next day, we decided to go back and try our luck again. While at the top of the ferris wheel that sunny afternoon, I stared into the gorgeous Chicago skyline. Unknowingly, I took an innocent selfie and posted a quote on Instagram that would eventually mean everything to me.


The purpose of our trip to Chicago was to celebrate Amber’s birthday, go to Lollapalooza, and see Lana Del Rey. Although we’re both music lovers, we had never been to a festival before and didn’t know what to expect. However, the last thing either of us expected was what actually happened that day. There’s something magical about music festivals. It’s hard to explain, but I swear it’s something in the air. Getting lost, meeting a stranger by complete accident in a sea of people and eventually discovering you share the same soul is the definition of serendipity and I’m a total sucker for that shit. Sadly, those things don’t always work out the way you’d imagine.


This year I had mixed feelings about Lolla. Luckily, I had my friends Jess & Will by my side as everything came full circle at Grant Park. Once again, fate showed itself to me when I least expected it. Although it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped, I was finally able to let go of what really brought me to the windy city. It’s a strange feeling, letting go. I still don’t get how something that once made you feel so much can suddenly make you feel so little, but I’ve learned life isn’t meant for understanding, it’s meant for living. How could you not smile knowing the start of something new is just around the corner?


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